Liverpool trainer Jürgen Klopp can not but ‘threaten’ by injuries

Liverpool trainer Jürgen Klopp threatens to withdraw some of his players for this months interlands, if they have to quarantine on their return to England due to coronameasures.

These are players who come from the so-called red countries for Britain. For Klopp, this concerns the Brazilians Alisson Becker, Roberto Firmino and Fabinho and Portuguese Diogo Jota. They would have to spend ten days in a hotel in seclusion on their return.

For Georginio Wijnaldum, a permanent force in the Dutch team, probably no problems arise. For Oranje, three qualifying duels for the 2022 World Championship in Qatar will be scheduled in March.

FIFA allows clubs in the current situation to keep players at home. Klopp: For us it is simply impossible to miss the boys another ten more days. We already have a lot of injuries. This really cant be done. I understand the problems of national teams, but it is impossible to make everyone happy in these times.


Liverpool expects Brazilian internationals Alison and Fabinho to return Thursday night in the selection for the Premier League match against Chelsea. The goalkeeper was missing last weekend against Sheffield United, because his father had died a few days earlier. Fabinho was injured for some time.

Alison has been training all week and I think hes able to play, says Klopp. Fabinho fell out against Manchester City last month with a muscle injury. Klopp: He has been able to fully train five or six times. It looks good for Fab. He might even start the game, but well think about that.

Klopp did not even rule out that Jota will be at Anfield again on Thursday. The Portuguese suffered a knee injury at the end of last year and did not take action since.

The injury list, including almost the entire season Virgil van Dijk, still remains extensive at Liverpool.

Thomas Tuchel

According to Chelsea, the duel with Liverpool may be decisive for a place at the first four in the final stand. The result will have a huge positive impact for both teams, says Thomas Tuchel, the German trainer of the Londoners.

The first four seats in the Premier League are good for participation in the Champions League. Both superpowers, which meet at Anfield, have now fallen far behind at the front runner Manchester City. Competition for the other top places is great, says Tuchel. Every game counts, but I think it counts in particular.

Since the arrival of Tuchel, as a successor to the fired Frank Lampard, Chelsea has been doing better. Liverpool, reigning champion, is still unstable due to the many injuries. The last matches we have shown resilience and commitment, says Tuchel. Thats what we need at Liverpool.

In the duel, former PSV player Georginio Wijnaldum (Liverpool) and former Ajacied Hakim Ziyech may also play against each other.

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