Llamas, chickens, cows and rabbits in “The Sims 4 Country Life” supplement

EA has announced the next, ninth addition to its famous life simulator The Sims 4. In the Country Life extension, we‘ll be able to head to Hanford-on-Bagley and enjoy real rural — or cottage — life. Hanford-on-Bagley is a typical provincial a town where everyone knows each other.

It is surrounded by forests where you can not only collect the gifts of nature, but also meet and make friends with wild foxes and rabbits — they can help in the vegetable gard. In the countryside, the activities are good familiar in particular on the Country Livin expansion for The Sims 3.

Players will be able to buy a chicken coop and receive not only eggs but meat as well. Cows give milk, and its taste depends on nutrition.

Lam fans will get a couple for wool, which will likely be allowed to be used for knitting. And those who haven’t bought the Nit Thread catalogue will at least learn how to cross stitch.

And all gardeners will be able to show off their achievements at a rural fair. The Sims 4 Country Life is released July 22.

Those who buy it by September 2 will receive a special gift: a bicycle, a garden gnome riding a chicken and a lantern-decorated tree. More on Game Warface Players available cross-play on all consoles Synthetik 2 Creators revealed two minutes of gameplay Shin Megami Tensei Authors announced Monark role-playing game.