Local VVD members very critical of cabinet asylum policy: opt for asylum stop

There is increasing dissatisfaction among local VVD members with the cabinet‘s asylum policy. The reason is the decision of VVD State Secretary Van der Burg to force municipalities to accommodate asylum seekers if necessary. The local VVD members believe that this is a violation of the autonomy of municipalities and call for an asylum stop.

Yesterday, Van der Burg implemented his threat at Tubbergen for the first time. That municipality is being passed to make the establishment of an azc in the village of Albergen possible. โ€œWorthless and liberally unworthy. Bah!โ€ , writes party chairman Joris Poffers of the VVD in the municipality of Dinkelland in Twente on Twitter.

His colleague from Breda, Eddie Fรถrster, also reacts angrily:

Last week, after Van der Burg announced his intention to force municipalities to cooperate if necessary, a large number of Limburg group chairmen already wrote a letter of fire to the VVD House of Representatives Group. โ€œAs representatives of the people, we experience that the support to accommodate asylum seekers is drastically decreasing with the current working method,โ€ they warn.

โ€œIt shoots in the wrong throat for us when our constitutional autonomous position is violated,โ€ write the group chairmen. They believe that the cabinet should make more work on limiting the asylum inflow, as it is also stated in the VVD election program.

The letter writers want a conversation with the national group and ask them to โ€œurgently work on a restriction in the meantime, for example by means of an asylum stop and accelerating the viscous asylum proceduresโ€.

The VVD Group’s asylum spokesman, Ruben Brekelmans, has said earlier that an asylum stop is not taboo for him. His group chairman, Sophie Hermans, said this afternoon that, as far as she is concerned, the cabinet should limit the asylum inflow and expel asylum seekers who have been litigated โ€œcounterclockwise or clockwiseโ€. Those who are allowed to stay must receive decent shelter. On these points, I expect action from the cabinet.โ€

Hermans finds it โ€œterribleโ€ that we are now in the situation that the cabinet has to force municipalities to accommodate asylum seekers. But according to her, the cabinet does not have an alternative.