Lodeweges defends De Boer: Of Malen gets injured or he cant handle it

Dwight Lodeweges needs a while to shake off the disappointment. He shared praise as assistant to coach Ronald Koeman, but saw the good feeling around the Orange disappear after Frank de Boers appointment.
The elimination against the Czech Republic in the eighth final of the European Championships was a big blow. โ€œThis works for a while, is not something you just shake off yourself,โ€ says Lodeweges in De Cceit. โ€œEveryone had imagined so much of it. In the preliminary process, from the Nations League to the EC qualification, you saw the group grow. Players developed at the top international level. It was time to harvest and that won
t happen. Really a pity.โ€
Lodeweges is also asked about Donyell Malens much discussed change in the game with the Czechs. According to De Boer, the PSV attacker couldnt handle ninety minutes. โ€œThat change shouldnt have happened, you can hear and read everywhere. Our physical coach works with all kinds of data and it showed that he wouldnt be able to handle ninety minutes at that time. So either he gets injured later or he cant handle it anymore. We always wanted to use it, because Malen is a top player. Frank then makes that decision as final responsibility, even if it is the responsibility of the entire staff.โ€
Lodeweges doesn
t want to say much more about it. He focuses on his new job at PEC Zwolle and wishes successor Henk Fraser good luck. โ€œA great opportunity for him, I give him the very best. Because its really beautiful, thats how Ive always experienced it.โ€