Lodeweges receives congratulations from Koeman: ‘Good second half

The 1-0 victory over Poland was just in the bag and interim bond coach Dwight Lodeweges already had a message from Barcelona. “Ronald Koeman congratulated me. He thought it was a very good second half. So thank you, Ronald!”

Lodeweges relaxed his story after the economical win in the Johan Cruijff Arena. “Poland drops very far back and then it is very difficult to play soccer. Then you notice that certain things are still rusty”, said the 62-year-old coach.

“That’s also because we last met nine months ago. But all in all I am satisfied, you know. This was a nice evening, though.”

See below the reactions of Virgil van Dijk, Hans Hateboer and Memphis Depay after the victory over Poland

Captain Virgil van Dijk saw the Netherlands achieve a mature victory. “It was difficult to say how we were doing beforehand. There are boys among us who don’t have a minute left. This is a professional win.”

And about Lodeweges: “He has the respect and is doing very well. He does what he did before. It’s nice working with him and everybody here at the Orangemen knows that.”

Outstanding on the Dutch side was Memphis Depay. The striker was ball solid, made some nice moves and radiated fun on the pitch. “We haven’t seen each other for so long. To get back together again, train and play is fantastic.”

After the 1-0 victory over Poland and the tie (1-1) between peers Italy and Bosnia-Herzegovina, the Dutch Team goes into Group 1 of the Nations League. On Monday, Italy is the next opponent.