Lodewijk Hoekstra answers your garden questions: How to prune the Clematis

After another season of Lodewijks green happiness as part of De grote tuinverbouwing (The big horticultural renovation), I am a bit calmer, so I have time to work in the garden.

My son Mats of two is also outdoors a lot and loves to play. He prefers to pick apples from the tree as far as he can and take small bites from them. Its difficult to explain that this is not really the intention, because they havent matured yet. Of course I am a bit proud that he already understands that apples grow on the tree.

While for me and many others normal life has come a long way, this certainly doesnt apply to everyone.


Jetty (84) can also be found a lot in the garden and indicates that this is very important for her and her husband. Because of corona they dont come outside anymore. Well Jetty, I sympathize with you and hope the garden offers support in this difficult time.

You have a question about the different clematis and how best to prune them. There are roughly two groups that require a different way of pruning if you also want to enjoy the beautiful flowers.

Many large-flowered species flower on new twigs and you can prune them throughout the season, because they always flower again. But there are also species, often small-flowered, that flower on old wood and you can prune them back after flowering.

This also applies to the Clematis montana. It can be pruned back by a maximum of one third, after which it will sprout again to flower in the following season. Enjoy all that beauty, I would say.

Roeland can enjoy a little less, because he suffers from mildew in his laurel, a kind of white mould on the leaf. Infestations often indicate a wrong location or a lack of nutrients. Just like people, plants get problems if they are poorly cared for.

Healthy soil

Strong pruning could be an option, but so far this has had no result. Fighting it has not helped either. I would consider planting a different type of hedge and then immediately invest in a healthy soil with good soil.

Finally, a question about boxwood moth. Len would like to know how you can stop it. You can fight it in a natural way with nematodes: microscopic nematodes. A hard jet of water also seems to help if you repeat this a few times.