Logisticians in MMO Foxhole went on strike because of difficult work

Recent changes to the Foxhole MMO and the neglect of the developers of its audience have prompted some logistics players to strike. Back in early December, the LOGI group, which includes about 1,800 users, published a letter to the author Foxhole, in which she described a number of problems and difficulties associated with in-game logistics. Protesters noted that the new changes in the game have made the work of logisticians too much difficult and tedious.

Among the complaints, the players singled out โ€œtoxic and complex purchase of components in the early game phase, too short waiting times for factory orders, tedious unpacking materials, blizzards in the first day of the warโ€ and not only. LOGI participants clarified that they do not seek to upset the balance or spoil the game for other users.

They just want to โ€œbuild a healthy dialogue between the community and developers, as well as improve the gameplay. โ€ It is reported that the logisticians protest has already affected some of the battles.

So, for example, some troops had to fight against each other, carrying only pistols. The authors of Foxhole have not yet commented on the message of dissatisfied players.

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