London police stop investigation Prince Andrew abuse case

London police stop the investigation in the abuse case involving British Prince Andrew and late American businessman Jeffrey Epstein. Why that happens has not been announced: in August, a police spokesman announced that the case is looking at the evidence, but also whether the United Kingdom is legally the right place for a lawsuit.

In the case, Andrew has been charged by American Virginia Giuffre, who says she was forced to have sex with the British prince at the age of 17. This would have happened in London and the Epstein estate in the United States, among other things. The prince has always denied having sex with Giuffre.

According to British media, Metropolitan Police, London police, has decided to stop the investigation after talks with Giuffre and studying documents. It is unclear whether the police have issued a formal statement from Giuffre.

The police have further informed that the assessment of the case has been completed and will continue to work with other bodies leading the investigation into cases surrounding Jeffrey Epstein.

Epstein also allegedly abused Giuffre. The businessman was found dead in his cell in 2019. He had been arrested on suspicion of large-scale abuse of underage women.