Long-awaited game Cyberpunk 2077 is out, but is still full of flaws

With Cyberpunk 2077, one of the biggest and most expensive games of recent years has been released today. Many gamers were eagerly looking forward to the game, which the Polish game studio CD Projekt Red worked on for eight years.

With about 8 million copies sold before the game was in store, its the most reserved game ever. With a price of 60 euros, the sales for the studio would already be 480 million. The game, which comes across multiple platforms, takes place in a dystopian city. As a mercenary, you have to keep your head above water by not doing too fresh chores.

According to game journalist Jurian Ubachs of Tweakers, expectations for a game were rarely as high. โ€œThe studio has a great reputation and has been sharing beautiful images for years.โ€ Also, the creators have given โ€œvery smartโ€ actor Keanu Reeves a role. โ€œHe has a special place in the hearts of gamers, because of the many memes hes in and his role in The Matrix of course. That also made this game live tremendously among gamers.โ€

The fact that the launch has been postponed a few times over the last few months made the hype even bigger. Sitting at home in coronatijd is more gamed and the hunger for new titles grows. โ€œPeople really circle a release date, so delay makes waiting annoying. But it also ensures that your expectations grow.โ€

So it was a race against the clock for the game studio, which had been compromised several times. The world in which you play has a lot of flickering neon lights, which caused an epileptic seizure in a game journalist.

The images below give an impression of the sometimes flashy and flickering playworld:

Also, the studio obliged employees in the last months to six days working weeks. An employee told Bloomberg that a part of the staff worked on nights and weekends before that time.

Structurally overwork is more common in large game studios. Earlier, developer Rockstar was already compromised by this so-called crunch culture. โ€œBut it is often only leaked when it is studio wide,โ€ says Ubachs. โ€œSo that does indicate that it was serious here.โ€

It mainly led to controversy because the developer previously swore not to let it go so far. But according to Ubachs, the financial interests of having such a game for Christmas in the store are ultimately big. โ€œOf course, that doesnt work well, but you understand why it gets so much.โ€


pressure on the kettle also has a different side. It is widely written about all sorts of flaws that have crept into the game through the rush. Ubachs was allowed to play the game before the release and experienced that too. โ€œIts actually too buggy to release. At some point, I wanted to get into a tank, but it was suddenly turned upside down. I couldnt afford to get there anymore.โ€

The developer has already announced that it will come up with updates in the coming time to fix these kinds of flaws. But in fact this should not happen in such a big game, says Ubachs. โ€œAs a gamer, you want to be immersed in that beautiful world and such flaws draw you out of that illusion.โ€

Still, there is little chance that it will get in the way of good sales for Cyberpunk. The commercial success is already great in the presale and the images and the story will win the bugs, thinks Ubachs. โ€œThe futuristic atmosphere is beautiful. You really get to see a dark scenario of what humanity can face if we let the technique take over. It makes you think.โ€