Long awaited invitation to Orange: ‘I have a stamp’

Noa Lang is proud of his Orange election. Club Brugges wing striker, who convinced Louis van Gaal of his qualities, does say he has had to work harder than other players.
The 22-year-old Lang had long been in the picture with the Dutch team, but has only now received his first call. He
s very proud of that. “Ive had to work harder than the rest of this,” former Ajacied tells De Cceit. “I have a stamp of course. But if you have a lot of talent, you have to make sure it comes up.”
The Rotterdammer is not afraid to be himself, even with Van Gaal. The national coach can expect an empowered and motivated Lang. “I am a person who is always himself, will always be himself and says what he thinks. You can tell me how I feel. And as a football player, I am a person who dares, as people say, has swagger.”