Long-awaited NiER patch: Automata for PC will be released on July 15

NiER: Automata for PC will get its first patch on July 15 — after numerous player complaints that took everyone‘s 4 years to answer. The game was formally released on Steam in March 2017, so it was even bigger. The audience’s outrage has continued so far — in particular, Redditusers wrote about it last month.

It was especially angry that the Xbox Game Pass version of the project got fixes quite a while ago. The content of the patch was reported on the project page on the same Steam.

It includes: Ability to play Fullscreen Support Fidelity FX Auto-enable HDR if the system supports improved anti-aliasing Improved lighting (three settings options) 4K UI textures Fixed bugs in cutscenes, and improved bitrate and added 60FPS support Other technical improvements You can switch between full screen and window modes via Alt + Enter When playing the controller no longer displays the mouse cursor. In addition, the authors of mobile NiER: Reincarnation reported that a crossover with NiER: Automata will take place at the project‘s launch on July 28.

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