Long lines at Ajax catering points: ‘We think of quicker tapping for example ‘

The Johan Cruijff Arena will try to shorten the queues at the catering points. During the game between Ajax and Besiktas, there were many complaints about the long waiting time in the halftime.
Supporters who wanted to get a beer in the rest missed the start of the second half. Ajax Life asked the Johan Cruijff Arena how to do that. โ€œWe are facing staff shortages,โ€ says a spokeswoman. โ€œEspecially in terms of catering staff, creating longer queues and especially in the quiet. We are working hard to acquire more employees.โ€
The stadium is also thinking about short-term measures. โ€œTapping faster, for example. This can be done by increasing pressure on beer supply and entering separate rows for beer orders and other catering products. In addition, we investigate whether ordering via an app and delivering the order to the stand can help reduce the queues.โ€