Long Live Love Gets Extra Long Episodes

In addition to the daily episodes, the dating program Long Live Love receives an extra long broadcast on the Monday evening with the title Long Live the Love XL.

The concept remains the same. In the dating program, singles have a serious chance of long-term love happiness by moving directly to live together on the first date. The couples stay together for at least 24 hours in a beautiful stay that is equipped with all the luxury. During the unique slow date, which can last up to five days, the singles get to know each other in a new way.

It turns out that Long Live Love works pretty well for the bachelors. Meanwhile, thanks to the dating program, 37 love couples have emerged and two participants are also joining each other in the marriage boat.

Long Live the Love XL will be on display at SBS6 for six weeks every Monday at 21.30 hrs from 15 February.