Long wanted English drug trafficker arrested in Dubai

A man wanted by the British National Crime Agency (NCA) for eight years because of his alleged role in a large-scale international drug scandal has been arrested in Dubai.

In cooperation with the Dubai Police Department, the NCA succeeded Michael Paul Moogan from Liverpool on 21 April. This was only announced on Sunday.

Moogan was on the run since a raid at a Rotterdam cafรฉ. There is a suspicion that this cafe is being used as a meeting place for drug traffickers. According to the NCA, a plan was forged to ship hundreds of kilos of cocaine to the UK. In collaboration with the Dutch detective, the NCA obsolete information that Moogan and two other Britons connected to Cafรฉ de Ketel in Rotterdam, reports Sunday World.


officials of NCA suspected that Moogan and his associates were planning to import drugs from Latin America to Europe. At the time of the raid, only one of the men, named Robert Hamilton (71), was present. In 2014, he was sentenced to eight years in prison, after being found guilty for trafficking drugs.

The other suspect, 57-year-old Robert Gerard, turned himself in to the NCA after three years of flight claiming that the pressure was too much for him. He pleaded guilty for drug trafficking and was sentenced to 14 years in prison, writes Sunday World.

Meanwhile, Moogan was still on the run. NCA officers claimed that Moogan used all kinds of fake identities to prevent an arrest. In Dubai, this same conjecture lives. Police say that after entering the Emirates with a different identity, he tried to stay out of the sight of cameras as far as possible so as not to be recognized by potential detectives. โ€œThis arrest is the result of years of research involving a series of law enforcement partners in the UK, Europe and the Middle East,โ€ says Nikki Holland of NCA.

Never rest

with the NCA director his gratitude to the Dubai Police Department. He also argues that this case should serve as a warning to other fugitive criminals. โ€œWe have global reach, never give up and will never let them rest.โ€