Looks like the new Mass Effect will not be done on Frostbite, but on Unreal Engine

Publishing house Electronic Arts and studio BioWare apparently plan to use the Unreal Engine engine for the next Mass Effect series game. This is an assumption VentureBeat expressed by drawing on Mass Effect 4s CTO job description and own sources. Future technical director of Mass Effect series preferably should have experience handling Unreal Engine 4 and above as well as other technologies.

His responsibility will be both the overall technical strategy and the search and training of the best programmers in the industry. Interest in Unreal Engine may suggest that the creators of Mass Effect 4 are going abandon Frostbites internal engine in favor of Epic Games.

The first three games of the series were created on Unreal, but then the studio decided to switch to Frostbite, and Mass Effect on it: Andromeda and Anthem. This solution was a saving of money (no need to pay for its engine), but games suffered in a number of aspects, most notably in the animation.

The new Mass Effect must move to the full stage production by 2023. There will be no more lootboxes at Marvels Midnight Suns, only cosmetics Enthusiast added 18,000 more Hideo Kojima trees to Fallout 4: MADS MAX would tell a story about cops of the future.