Loop Hero, Deathloop and Twelve Minutes โ€” which game has the most innovative gameplay?

Valve continues to announce nominees in various categories with the best games of the year on Steam. These projects received the largest number of user votes after the start of the preliminary voting with the start of the autumn sale. Now, of these options, from December 22, when it starts vote, you will need to choose the most worthy game – and the winners will be announced on the evening of January 3.

The most innovative gameplay is Inscryption; Twelve Minutes; Moncage; Deathloop; Loop Hero. Previously Valve presented nominees in four categories: โ€œBest Game with an Outstanding Storyโ€, โ€œBest Soundtrackโ€, โ€œBest Game You Cant Getโ€ (you can see them here) and & laquo; Sit back.

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