Loop Hero released major update with sliders and saves

Russian studio Four Quarters, after beta testing a major update to the Bagel Loop Hero, announced its release. The game has now officially moved to version 1. 1, and it has added a number of improvements and new features.

One of the main innovations is the appearance of saves within the expedition, which allows you to exit games at any moment. Players will also now be able to escape any battle by losing the same amount of loot as in the case of death.

Loop Hero review. Domestic โ€œbagelsโ€ from Hotline publishers MiamiDevelopers have changed speed buttons to sliders, now gameplay can be quadrupled as well as the speed of combat: it changes in settings.

Players were allowed to have up to four decks, changing them between expeditions, and to โ€œturn offโ€ skills derived from bosses. The game features new tiles and enemies, each three each.

Equipment items can now be โ€œpinnedโ€ into the inventory, and a timer has been added for speedraners. In addition, a number of game errors and inaccurate descriptions have been corrected.

So far more than 800,000 copies of the game have already been sold, and it is receiving very positive reviews. More on Game Trailer of Fallen Aces Comic Shooter Styled to Old Cinema The WRC 10 Demo will be shown during the Games to Be Steam Festival During E3 show an hour and a half Gamedec gameplay.