Loot River authors revealed nearly four minutes of gameplay

Superhot Publishing Studio during E3 2021 introduced the project straka. studio, a fantasy action film with Loot River puzzle elements. And we were shown almost four minutes of gameplay: dungeons passing and a peaceful hub where we communicate with NPCs and prepare to fight.

wooden platforms that move in any direction. And moving them will be key both when gaining access to new areas (these puzzles are relatives of โ€œTetrisโ€ and โ€œSokobanโ€) and in boyachs.

By moving platforms, we can evade attacks, choose a convenient position to apply skills, and gather enemies into groups to deal with them as quickly as possible. If you want, you can overcome individual sections and without entering the boy.

Loot River will go out on RS and Xbox consoles. She doesnt have a release date yet.

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