Lost Amber Authors to Speak Publishers of Haven Park Adventure

Studio Mooneye, known for the successful atmospheric adventure Lost Ember, opened its own publishing division, Mooneye Indies. And has already called the first game that will be released under this brand: manager adventure Haven Park Swiss game designer, single player Fabien Weibel. In Haven Park our protagonist Flint gets from Grandmas whole park: once a favorite place of tourists and campers has long come to desolation.

And now we can restore the park, equip the campgrounds and places to rest there and return it to its former glory. The game takes place in the open world, and explore the areas of the park and the abandoned forest around it will become an important part of the plot.

There are long-standing legends about these territories, and some of them talk about hidden treasure. Haven Park will be released on Steam on August 5, 2021.

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