Lost Boy (17) survives ice-cold night in homemade snow cave

A 17-year-old boy who spent the weekend with friends on a snowmobile ride near the Canadian site 100 Mile House, lost the group and got lost. As a result, he had to spend a night in the freezing cold.

The boy made several attempts to find his way back, but it failed. โ€œWhen he realized he didnt know where he was, he put his snowmobile in an open area,โ€ said James Seeley of South Cariboo Search and Rescue to CTV. โ€œThen he himself went to a place with trees and made a snow cave there, so that he was protected from the cold and the wind.โ€

His friends could not find him after a short search and turned to help via a satellite phone. โ€œThey saw it soon darkening and knew that they would not be able to find their friend.โ€

A search team managed to find the boy after a few hours. โ€œWhen the members of our search team were with him, he sat in his hiding place with water and food. This boy made our job a little easier by staying in one place and having some survival knowledge,โ€ says Seeley. โ€œEveryone did everything right, they were smart.โ€

The temperature in the area at night can drop to -15.