Lost in Random made it to release — what do critics say?

Lost in Random, a grim adventure about a girl and a cube‘s wanderings in the kingdom of Random, was released on PC and consoles yesterday, receiving first critical acclaim. reviews on Metacritic — more reviews for PC and PS5 versions, which now score 79 and 80 respectively. And there are also those who put Lost in Random on all 10 of 10.

So, the Comicbook author writes that in the end he doesn’t want to point out the flaws of the game, which is excellent in many aspects. And the journalist himself, if possible, would have spent much more time in the world of Random.

By placing Lost in Random a solid 8 out of 10, the author of God is a Geek notes that despite the clumsier controls, the game possesses a competent battle system and a world full of wonders, mysteries and delights. The world praises and critic Push Square, who adds that Lost in Random has many truly warm moments despite grimness of the game In addition, praise was given to the screenplay and moving story, which help us empathize with the heroine and other characters.

The story and production of the game, as well as its music, are praised even by those who have not so high reviews. The lowest rating among critics was Slant Magazine, who disliked the disappointing linearity of the campaign.

If you refer to the player experience, now on Steam u& nbsp; Lost in Random is quite high rating — 83% . More on Game of War: Ragnarok ranked below Lady Dimitrescu — almost 257 cm New download page and more fresh Steam client update Rambo, Vaas and Danny Trejo will arrive after Far Cry 6 release.