Lost Judgement appears to be preparing a demo

In the Asian branch database, PSN discovered a demo entry for the game, whose name can be translated as Lost Judgement: Unjudged Memory (or Extinct Memories). SEGA appears to be preparing a demo version of Judgements action sequel. However, in other stores, this version has not yet been discovered.

Meanwhile, the company published a story trailer for the future Lost Judgement. And it stands out against a general backdrop of unprecedented volume: about seven minutes.

We are shown almost completely tying up the new investigation. In an abandoned building, we find the corpse of a man who died of torture.

Soon, his killer confesses to his own, his son was killed in a car accident, and the perpetrator managed to get away with retribution. The convict refuses the appeal, but something about what happened does not give peace to our heroes, and they start an independent investigation.

And quickly push into resistance. The global release of Lost Judgement will take place on September 24, the game will appear on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series.

Buyers for Digital Deluxe and Digital Ultimate Editions will be able to start playing three days earlier, on September 21. More on Bum Simulator Gobromania paid off only half In Watch Dogs: Legion kicks off crossover with โ€œPaper Houseโ€ The creator of No More Heroes wants to make a game about Deadpool or Mercury.