Lots of suspicious stuff found at the Bergschenhoek business park

During a control action on a business park in Bergschenhoek, South Holland, raw materials and equipment were found for the cultivation of hemp and the production of hard drugs. Amphetamine has also been found. Enforcers also found residues of hazardous substances, old-timers, bicycles, engine blocks, cigarettes and counterfeit brand clothing, which require further investigation of police and customs, according to the municipality of Lansingerland, to which Bergschenhoek belongs.

Lansingerland kept control on the site at the Hoekeindseweg, where many storage containers and caravans are located. The municipality received signals of possible offences and offences on the grounds. In addition to police and justice, customs, the Tax Administration, Defence and other emergency services participated in the action.

No one has been arrested on Tuesday, but according to the municipality, that can still happen. Police and justice investigate which persons are involved in storage. The municipality is deliberating on administrative measures.