Louis Vuitton takes ‘Palestinian scarf’ from sale after criticism

Everything suggests that the fashion house Louis Vuitton has removed a scarf from its websites that resembles the well-known Palestinian keffiyeh because of criticism.

โ€œ Inspired by the classic keffiyeh and enriched with the signature of the house,โ€ said The National from the United Arab Emirates. The price: almost 600 euros ($705). The scarf can no longer be found on the European and American website.

This is presumably a consequence of the criticism of social media. โ€œLouis Vuitton says its politically neutral, but theyre making a profit from selling this $705 and keffiyeh inspired scarf, which is normally worn by Arabs and is the symbol of Palestinian nationalism,โ€ says someone on Twitter.

Louis Vuitton used on his websites the word โ€œstoleโ€ which in English means both scarf and the past tense of stealing.

โ€œ Rather ironic that Louis Vuitton calls his adaptation of the Palestinian keffiyeh stole ,โ€ says a teacher in Gaza. โ€œAt least theyre right.โ€

Other critics wonder whether it is a coincidence that this scarf does not have a traditional black and white pattern, but blue-white, pointing out that blue and white are also the colours of the Israeli flag.

In 2018, a Palestinian fashion designer objected to the use of keffiyeh to earn money. He stands for โ€œexpropriation, extrajudicial executions and oppression,โ€ said Omar Joseph Nasser-Khoury in the British newspaper The Guardian. Use outside this context equals to lack of respect and exploitation.

The French fashion company was not available for comment.