Love off the screen: Game makers publish their own valentines

Today the whole world celebrates Valentines Day, the holiday of all lovers. And many game studios and publishing houses use it to remind of their projects and characters. Weve collected some of the congratulations.

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Happy #ValentinesDay! Pic.

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com/M5EvjolgFQโ€” PlayStation Europe (@PlayStationEU) February 14, 2021Many believe that those with a PlayStation console are never alone Publishing All IN! found a formula that is close to any IgroKUS Day of all lovers from the @UbisoftRussia) February 14, 2021Qubic Games just loves everyone, no look at all Our Valentines Day Sale has something to love for everyone, especially games https://t.

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com/LZBVG7Moq3โ€” Square Enix (@SquareEnix) February 13, 2021Square Enix enjoys occasion to recall discounts on its games deserving LoveIn Rainbow Six Siege theres always a place to love with your Marvel-Themed Valentines from the latest @Marvel) February 13 , 2021Marvel boasted valentines that were created by fans of the superhero universe Want to spread some love? Beware – its contagious! Happy @daedalic) February 14, 2021Daedalic Entertainment has entrusted congratulations to Glitchpunk characters, but their approach to the topic is somewhat Non-standardhaving the whole screen is better than split screen @GAMEdigital) February 14, 2021The game store chain is sure divided screen is good, but just not todayHappy #UE4 cards below pic.

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