Lovecraft, detectives and scuffles in Arkham Horror gameplay trailer

Studio Asmodee Digital, known for Gloomhaven, Ticket to Ride and A Game of Thrones: The Board Game, has released a gameplay trailer for its future detective adventure Arkham Horror: Mothers Embrace. And it told about the main features of the upcoming game. Action Arkham Horror: Mothers Embrace takes place in 1926.

The astronomy professor is found dead in her mansion, and everything indicates that she was the victim of a brutal murder. Investigation is entrusted to a dozen detectors from the Arkham Horror series of tabletops, each with a unique set of skills and their own command.

Players will have to look for clues throughout nine chapters, conduct interrogations, visit mysterious locations from Lovecrafts universe and even fight enemies in turn-based battles. Facing nightmares, heroes plunge into the depths of madness and their level affects the course of the investigation.

Arkham Horror: Mothers Embrace is released in Q1 on RS, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. More on CCeit George Martin needs another year to complete Wind of Winter Breathedge Creators are preparing for February release In Godlike Burger its dangerous to leave unfried witnesses.