‘Lovers’ Lawyer and Van Marwijk Agree: ‘Stopping Is Not An Option’

Retiring is not an option for Dick Advocaat (74) and Bert van Marwijk (69) for now. The two would like to stay active in the football industry over the next few years.
Lawyer is currently a national coach at Iraq. The Little General tells Football International that this is really his last job as a trainer. โ€œBut I don‘t rule out doing anything in another position in football,โ€ he says right after that. โ€œI am now aware that stopping is not an option. You have to keep busy.โ€
Van Marwijk joins the words of Lawyer. โ€œAre Dick and I crazy? Maybe. But we’
re also lovers. No, not money, just football,โ€ says the United Arab Emirates national coach.
โ€œMoney… we both could have stopped for a long time, but both he and I know that if you do, a little bit of yourself dies anyway,โ€ Van Marwijk continues. โ€œThat‘s why I never stop. Yes, maybe as a trainer/national coach, but then there are plenty of other things to do in football. I won’t die on the field, but I‘ve seen too many people stopping and getting very old in no time. I don’t want to.โ€