Luis Enrique Doesnt Make Friends: I Know More About Football Than You

Luis Enrique, the national team coach of the Spanish national team, has played hard on the media. There is a lot of commotion in Spain about Enrique‘s selection policy.
For example, Enrique did not include pure striker in his selection. รlvaro Morata and Gerard Moreno are absent due to injuries, but any substitutes like Rafa Mir and Iago Aspas were not summoned. In addition, the former Barcelona practice master did not call on Real Madrid players and keeps faith in Eric Garcรญa, who is struggling at Barรงa.
La Roja will play the Nations League semi-final against Italy on Wednesday night and so expectations are high in Spain. The selection results in a lot of negative reactions, but Enrique can’
t do anything with it. โ€œThat criticism doesn‘t hurt me,โ€ a pied national coach responds to a press conference. โ€œI know a lot more about football than you and so there’s no opinion that interests me.โ€