Luis Suarez supports friends at FC Barcelona: ‘The goals are going to fall fast there’

For Luis Suarez, his period at FC Barcelona is now just a remembrance. The Uruguay aan is now enjoying his new life at Atlético Madrid.

The attacker sees that his former team is struggling to score, but does not look at it with a sense of revenge. It was a tactical decision, or whatever you want to call it. I had only to accept it, because they did not need me and everyone can draw their conclusions from it, he says to the Spanish sports newspaper Marca.

He continues: I have to live my life with Atleti now, but I sympathise with my friends at Barcelona. But its only a matter of time, the goals are really going to fall there.

Is there something wrong with his good friend Lionel Messi, is Marcas question? We often talk to each other and to be honest, we mainly talk about our lives. We both had our childrens birthdays recently, were talking about our lives, the virus and other things, but little about football. We are more concerned about our families than what happens in football.

Suarez doesnt think FC Barcelona has been disrespectful of him. No, but I was sad and hurt by the way I had to leave, as I said before. But most of all, I feel pride. If I dont feel welcome, Ill go somewhere where I am. And I have found that now, and I enjoy it.