Lukkien can quickly laugh again after missing Dost: ‘Can you only be proud of it’

Dick Lukkien is obviously disappointed that Bas Dost is not returning to FC Emmen. However, the coach doesnt want to sit down for long. Miguel Araujos contract extension quickly made Lukkien laugh again.
In recent weeks, Emmen flirted with Dost, who comes from the PhD candidates youth. However, it did not lead to a comeback: Dost opted for a switch to FC Utrecht. โ€œI would have liked Bas, but we dont live under a rock: we also saw that he had several options,โ€ Lukkien tells RTV Drenthe.
โ€œHe now chooses Utrecht, of course I think thats a shame. It is not that we have focused our arrows only on Bas Dost. The moment was ideal, but if a player makes a different choice, you only have to respect that.โ€
Just after it became clear that Dost is not coming to Drenthe, there was also good news: strongholder Araujo signs up and goes back to the Eredivisie with Emmen. โ€œA big compliment to the club and Ronald (Lubbers, chairman of Emmen, ed.), because he really put months of work into this. If you can tie a transfer-free player of the Araujo caliber to you, then you can only be proud of that.โ€