Lukkien makes one condition for longer Emmen stay: That doesnt suit me

The degradation has hit hard at Dick Lukkien, but he is determined to bring FC Emmen back to the Eredivisie. Thats what the 49-year-old trainer tells Football International.
โ€œOver the past few days I have taken time to get back into the world,โ€ says Lukkien to the weekly magazine. โ€œThe degradation has hit me hard, because I have closed the club and the people in my heart. Now it
s about becoming militant again, looking forward and seeing how we move forward.โ€
Lukkien calls for Emmen to put his shoulders under. โ€œWhat I think is very important now is: what do we all show? Do we โ€” and I am referring to us as a club, the congregation and supporters โ€” want to do everything we can to get back to where weve been over the past few years? That is, in my view, crucial.โ€
It will not be up to him, emphasises Lukkien, who has a contract until mid-2023. โ€œI want to help, because that
s how I am. But I do want to see that together we radiate that we want to go back to the Eredivisie. What I do not want is to settle for a marginal role on the second level. That doesnt suit me. But luckily, I dont feel like its going that way.โ€