Luuk de Jong gets a zero: ‘Cause that was his contribution, horrible’

It rains insufficient for FC Barcelona players after the 3-0 defeat at Benfica in the Champions League, but Luuk de Jong‘s performance won the crown. That’s what the Spanish newspapers judge, who are hard-hitting the Dutch striker.
Diario Sport hands out a 2 to De Jong and summarizes his performance as‘ awkward ‘. ‘A number 9 of Barcelona should not miss for an empty goal like Luuk de Jong did, after Frenkie de Jong gave the ball on a platter. It doesn’t matter how fast Verissimo set a block. De Jong added nothing in the penalty area.
De Jong gets a lot of it in La Vanguardia: the newspaper keeps it remarkably at zero. ‘
Because that was his contribution to the game, ‘is the explanation. His miss was’ terrible ‘, reads the clear language. Marca states that the ex-PSV ‘failed very badly‘. ‘Frenkie gave him a gold ball that he really only had to slide in. It even happened to him again. They are mistakes that should not be made in the Champions League.

โ€œWhat does Luuk de Jong do?โ€ ๐Ÿ˜ณ The striker gets a great chance to put Barรงa next to Benfica again but misses ๐Ÿ˜ฌ #ZiggoSport #UCL #BENBAR
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Frenkie de JongOok Mundo Deportivo speaks of an ‘unimaginable’ miss, but also focuses the arrows at Frenkie de Jong. โ€œDid the chance Luuk blew up for an extra pass or should he have shot himself? After a hundred races for Barcelona, the Dutchman has never met the expectations that were there when he arrived.
The other newspapers are merciful to the former Ajacied. โ€œHe was one of the best attackers in the first half. He should have had two assists. He sought the way forward with the ball and created a lot of danger. After Piquรฉ’
s change, he lost his offensive power,โ€ Marca writes. As one of the few players, Sport gets him a pass, a 6. ‘In the midfield he brought energy into the game and was threatening, but Koeman smothered that in the bud by bringing him back. ‘ The Catalan medium calls it a โ€œsacrifice.โ€
MemphisMemphis Depay gets a 4 of Sport. โ€œFrustrated,โ€ summarized the attacker‘s performance. โ€œNothing came out, although at least he kept trying, even when the game had already been played. He sank far, but sought out the impossible. His frustration was obvious.โ€ La Vanguardia comes out at the same figure. โ€œHe’s no longer as successful as it was in the beginning, but he keeps trying.โ€