Macron urges political opponents in speech to cooperation

French President Macron proposes to โ€œrun the country in a different wayโ€, with compromises between the various political movements as a starting point. He said that in a television speech, three days after his collaborative bloc lost majority in the French parliament.

Macron has been talking to leaders of other political parties almost continuously over the past few days. But his opponents did not turn out to be wary of a coalition with the recently re-elected presidents party.

Deep Division

Continuing to seek rapprochement is a necessity for Macron. His Ensemble won 245 seats in the French parliamentary elections on Sunday. For a majority, 289 seats are required. This means that it will be a lot more difficult to get his plans through the French House of Representatives, the National Assembly.

Jean-Luc Mรฉlenchons left-wing partnership Nupes received 131 seats on Sunday. Marine Le Pens far-right Rassemblement National reached 89 seats and Conservative Republicans (LR) achieved 61 seats. That situation is unusual in French politics.

According to Macron, the division of seats in the Assembly shows โ€œfractures and deep divisions in the countryโ€. โ€œBut I believe it is possible to find a broader and clear coalition to take action,โ€ he said. โ€œThat should not mean a standstill, it must mean that agreements are concluded.โ€

The president encouraged his political opponents to clarify within two days about possible coalition formation or cooperation on individual topics.