Madness Beverage Retroshooter released on Steam and is going to Nintendo Switch

Blue Sunset Games studio and Console Labs have announced a new release of the old-school adventure shooter Madness Beverage. The game has appeared on Steam today, and you can buy it for 306 rubles: until December 7, the game has a release discount. Madness Beverage premiered in July, the game appeared on Xbox One and Xbox Series.

And another console release is coming, the thriller will be released on Nintendo Switch. This will happen on December 24.

The game takes place in space, in hellish dungeons and dark castles. Our nameless hero has only one goal: kill everyone in his path.

This will help him with an arsenal of insane weapons, including futuristic shotguns, unicorn heads or rocket launchers that destroy all the demons on the way. potions that improve abilities, give special skills, and even send him to another dimension.

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