Madrid building destroyed after heavy explosion, at least three dead

In the Spanish capital Madrid there has been a heavy explosion. There are at least three dead, reporting local authorities. One person is missing and six people have been injured.

According to the mayor, it looks like the explosion was the result of a gas leak. There‘s still a fire in the building.

The upper floors of the building in the center of the city have been destroyed. The building is next to a nursing home and a school. The incident happened around 3pm in the district of La Latina, a kilometre away from the famous Plaza Mayor.

Right after the explosion, the wounded were treated on the street:

A spokesman for the nursing home tells El Paรญs that no resident or employee has been injured and that everyone has been evacuated to a nearby hotel. According to Spanish media, the neighbouring school was closed because of the heavy snowfall in the Spanish capital recently.

Correspondent Rop Zoutberg is on site. โ€œThere is a lot of debris on the street, the blow has been huge,โ€ he says. โ€œThere are many rescue workers here and there is a search for victims in the rubble. There’s a queue of ambulances waiting and a field hospital has been set up. The explosion originated in one of the houses belonging to a church.โ€