Mads Mikkelsen would like to talk to Depp about ‘Fantastic critters’

As we already know, in Fantastic critters 3, the role of Gellert Green-de-Wald wont be played by Johnny Depp: he was asked to drop out amid litigation scandal involving ex by his wife. Warner Bros. didnt even spare an eight-figure sum to break the contract.

Mads Mikkelsen will take his place, and the actor told The Sunday Times. He assured he was not involved in the studio showdown with Depp in any way and only agreed to the role because he liked the script.

I dont know what happened there and I dont know if it was fair that he lost my job, but I just knew the show had to go on. Id like to talk to him about all this if the opportunity turned up, but Im just not that familiar with him.

Mads MikkelsenMikkelsen understands that the situation is not the most ordinary, and for whom that his involvement in a popular film series might prove unpleasant. But, in his mind, that happens every now and then.

I didnt want to copy what Johnny created. I think hes a powerful actor and to imitate him would be creative suicide.

I needed to find something that would definitely be my own, but at the same time led to what Depp did. My approach is different, and the look is slightly different, but well have to wait for the release of the film to appreciate what got get.

Mads MikkelsenPremiere of Fantastic critters 3 is due to take place in 2022, presumably on July 15. About then, another new Mikkelsen movie, Indiana Jones 5, is due out, where he is shot side-by-side with Harrison Ford.

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