Madueke impressed: Unfortunately, he doesnt train with us very often

Noni Madueke looks up to Ruud van Nistelrooij. The English forward is looking forward to working extensively with the former striker in the coming season and was already a fan of the former Manchester United player at a young age.
Madueke says this in conversation with Omroep Brabant. The only twenty-year-old wing-striker was more injured than hed like this past season, but the Englishman is not worried about the future. โ€œMy focus is mainly on keeping fit. Its not fun to stand by the side and watch the boys play. But its part of my development. I just need to get stronger from this. I just had a lot of bad luck last year. It was unfortunate. Of course, Im tall and fast. But I havent started to doubt myself.โ€
In addition to all the new players who come to Eindhoven, Madueke also sees a new trainer in the form of Van Nistelrooij. โ€œHe was a great player. I have been a fan of Manchester United from an early age and therefore also of Ruud van Nistelrooij. I can learn so much from him,โ€ says Madueke praises. โ€œHe puts a lot of emphasis on when I have to be in my sixteen to score. His timing is great, unfortunately he does not participate in training often himself. He knows better than anyone what it takes to be a good attacker,โ€ concludes the right winger.