Magic Battle authors celebrate their decade with new teasers

MAPPA Animation Studio celebrated its decade. She is known for the anime Yuri on Ice, Magic Battle, High School God, Inuyashiki, the final season of Attack of the Titans and many more In the course of the celebration, the studio published the first teaser of the upcoming anime series Chainsaw Man based on Tatsuki Fujimoto‘s manga. Its protagonist, Denji, was killed by a yakuza, after ceasing to be useful.

However, he reborn as one with his diabolical pet and is now a demon hunter. Another trailer is dedicated to the future anime film Alice and Theresa’s Illusion Factory ( Alice and Teresa‘s Illusion Factory).

It is the studio’s first original full-length work, before that MAPPA had only done adaptations. The story focuses on an ambiguous world in which characters use love as a weapon.

And all the works already released by MAPPA can be recalled in a review anniversary video. In it, the anime creators thank their viewers with the lips of their characters.

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