Magic: Legends Wont Live to Release

Magic: Legends, an ARPG in the Magic the Gathering universe, opened for testing in March. She was scheduled to be released this year on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. However, Cryptic Studios announced that this would not happen.

The game‘s servers will be closed permanently on October 31. Cryptic Studios has no plans for her further revival.

The producer of Magic: Legends admitted that the developers missed with their vision for the project but would not go into detail. As we remember, the announcement of an online game based on Magic: The Gathering became disappointment: The gameplay resembled Diablo more than the legendary card original.

However, the developers are happy to have had a chance, and are going to use the experience gained in other projects. Magic: Legends game store is already closed, and all the money spent on the game will return players.

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