Magnificent: Haaland grants waving arbitrator Grรคfe his competition shirt

A nice gesture by Erling Haaland after the match between Borussia Dortmund and Bayer Leverkusen. Dortmunds Norwegian top shooter traded shirt with referee Manuel Grรคfe, who whistled his last Bundesliga match.
The arbitrator will retire after this season, as he is too old to whistle any further. He was put in the spotlight after the game and Haaland noticed that too. He decided to make it all a bit more special for Grรคfe, by giving his competition shirt to him.
Grรคfe has been active in the Bundesliga for seventeen years and in several European competitions. He won his first Bundesliga competition in 2004 (Hannover 96 – SC Freiburg). Dortmund and Leverkusen put the arbitrator even more in the spotlight with an honorary hedge.
Earlier this season Haaland was involved in a striking moment with a Romanian border judge, Octavian Sovre. He asked for a signature from the Norwegian striker in the catacombs and was finally suspended by the Romanian Football Association for one match. The fact that Sovre used the signatures for an organization that is committed to children with autism was no longer relevant.
โ€” vidfooty (@vidfooty1) May 22, 2021