Main of the Outriders comparison between PS5, Xbox Series, PS4 and Xbox One

Digital Foundry got to the demo of Outriders, which came out about a week ago on all current platforms. Today, experts took a look at four versions โ€” for PS5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and Xbox One X. The latter took as the best for comparison with options for next-generation consoles.

If we talk about the difference between the PS5 and Xbox Series X, then the standard picture is: on the Sony console, the resolution with a stable 60 FPS is slightly lower, whereas on the older Microsoft system, the resolution with less stable 60 FPS. Resolution PS5 – from 1260p to 1800r Xbox Series X – from 1440p to 2088p Xbox Series S – from 900p to 1440p Xbox One X – from 1728p to 1944p.

All consoles, including Series S, use technology to add up to 4K resolution. Each of the options is called quite good – โ€œthe picture looks cleanโ€ even on Series S.

But with the performance of the problem: on Xbox One X frame rate blocked by 30 FPS, but even reaching it, there are great difficulties with the delivery of frames – framepacing. In especially hot combat scenes, the delivery of frames suffers on the Nextgen consoles due to focusing on reaching 60 FPS there is no problem with the delivery of frames, but both Xbox Series cannot be achieved stable frame rate: on Series S even in the hub, the number of frames drops to 45, while on Series X – up to 50.

On PlayStation 5, with very few exceptions with stability, there are already no problems – in 99. 9% of situations, the action works at a stable 60 frames per second.

In Digital Foundry, they expect that the dynamic resolution on both Xbox Series to release will make it more aggressive – so that if necessary, the game can drop the indicators lower for achieve stable 60 FPS like on PS5. Blogger VG Tech also managed to conduct his analysis of Outriders, but on PS4 Pro, PS4, Xbox One and Xbox One X.

With the performance of all four, the situation is about the same – with pretty stable 30 FPS they all suffer from unstable frame feed. Resolution, according to VG Tech, is as follows: Xbox One X – from 1512p to 1944p (differs from DF data) PS4 Pro – from 1140p to 1560p PS4 – from 720p to 1080p Xbox One & mdash; from 684p to 900.

Digital Foundry notes that Outriders was created primarily for consoles of the outgoing generation, where for all the problems with the delivery of frames, it looks pretty good. The new generation systems actually only increased the frame rate.

The full version of the action is released on April 1, and now everyone can play a multi-hour demo – it has already been run by more than 2 million people. More on Gambling In Evolutionary Survival The Eternal Cylinder will soon begin beta testing YouTube-show โ€œIve already seen itโ€ will become the main animated series for adults Peak Online Russian Loop Hero on Steam exceeded 32 thousand people.