Main sponsor says goodbye to Vitesse after a year.

Sponsor news from Arnhem: says goodbye as the main sponsor of Vitesse after a year, the Gelderlander reports on Monday. The company does not go any further at the Arnhem club. The parties may continue with each other in a different form. became Vitesse‘s main sponsor a year ago and is now talking to the club about ‘another complement‘ of the partnership. What that should look like isn’t known yet. Nor is it clear who will be Vitesse‘s new main sponsor. The club is talking to ‘various parties‘.
De Gelderlander relies on an ‘
official statement‘. It says that is satisfied with the collaboration with Vitesse, but โ€œalso looks at the impact of the main sponsorship on the marketing budget.โ€
The place on the chest of Vitesse’
s shirt was worth one million euros before the corona crisis, writes the Gelderlander.