Major fire in the port of Beirut, which had previously been hit by a devastating explosion

A big fire rages in the port of Beirut. According to Reuters press agency, a warehouse for oil and tyres is on fire. A large black smoke column can be seen above the harbour. The army has called on people in the area to evacuate as quickly as possible.

The warehouse is located in the area that was almost completely destroyed by an explosion on 4 August. Almost 200 people died, more than 6000 were injured and thousands of houses and buildings were destroyed.

“There is a lot of confusion and a lot of fear here,” says correspondent Daisy Mohr from Beirut. “It affects people who were startled by that explosion last month. You shouldn’t forget, people have a huge trauma of what happened on 4 August”

The explosion plunged the country even deeper into crisis. Confidence in politicians was already low and the fact that the government’s aid hardly got off the ground made it fall even further.