Major Hollywood strike could affect upcoming releases

The biggest nationwide strike in 128 years is brewing in Hollywood, with film and TV series teams demanding better working conditions. Some 60,000 people are planning to stage a protest next week, which could freeze the production of a number of upcoming releases. Participants include representatives of various specialties such as makeup and costume artists, audio effects creators, and more.

They demand a reduction in working hours, which, from the promised 10 per day, have recently begun to turn into 12-18. At the same time, there is no charge for reprocessing, and the salary on streaming projects is lower than on regular TV shows.

Typically, these employees are employed on all major projects, from Pirates of the Caribbean to Netflix series. The unions are trying to reach an agreement with the firms, but so far there is no way to avoid a protest by the American Alliance of Stage Employees (IATSE).

According to rumors, if the conflict drags on, production of a number of major new releases will also stop, among them: the third season of โ€œMandalorzโ€; the series on The Last of Us; the sequelโ€ Aquamenaโ€; Marvels Secret Invasion TV series. Other Marvel projects with Star Wars may be affected by the delay, although there is no accurate confirmation yet.

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