Major rescue operation in Himalayas after glacier drama, fear of many deaths

In northern India, rescue workers work with man and power to rescue dozens of employees of a power plant from a tunnel. Yesterday, part of a glacier broke down, freeing a huge amount of water and mud. There are at least 18 dead. 165 people are still missing.

The rescue operation in the northern state of Uttarakhand in the Himalayas, involving some 2000 military personnel, paramilitary groups and police, is now aimed at bringing up 37 employees stuck in the tunnel. There hasnt been any contact with them yet.

Yesterday, twelve employees were rescued who were trapped in another tunnel. One of the survivors told press agency AP that at first they thought rain was flowing in, but when mud came in, they knew there was a big problem. With a cell phone, they managed to inform the emergency services.


There is a fear that many more deaths will be recovered. The power plant is located by a dam in a river. The large flow of water and mud forced residents of villages lying along the river to evacuate. The Indian emergency services have dropped food and medicine in some places.

Observers say that breaking down the glacier is likely to have everything to do with climate change.