“Major Thunder: Plague Doctor” to be released a week early — April 1

The authors of Major Thunder reported that the premiere of the painting was postponed — but this time to an earlier date, that is, to April 1. Friends, you‘re certainly aware that American movie studios have begun hastily rescheduling their spring releases. And we couldn’t help but respond to this disturbing situation, so our film will come out.

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A WEEK EARLY! The authors of the filmmakers promised viewers that the result would be unrealistically cool and the message itself is not a joke. The plot of the tape is about police Major Major Major Major Major Thunder, who is after a mysterious anarchist wearing a Plague Doctor mask.

The latter arranges lynchings in the city and in every possible way prevents law enforcement agencies. Also Disney moved the premiere date of the comedy Save Kolya! with Dmitry Nagiev on February 18.

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