‘Majority of the House for abolishing dog tax’

The Dutch House wants to waive the dog tax, reports RTL Nieuws after a tour of MPs. Today, the Chamber is talking about a citizens‘ initiative to abolish the tax. Initiator Gary Yanover has been arguing for years to stop this municipal tax. He finds the levy unfair and arbitrary.

According to him, many municipalities use the dog tax to close gaps in their budget and it’s a misunderstanding that the money is being used to clean up dog poop, for example.

Differences between municipalities

Moreover, the differences between municipalities are large. The amounts vary, and according to CBS, there are fewer and fewer municipalities that levy the tax. Last year, it accounted for 54% of all municipalities.

VVD-chambermember De Kort mentions the dog tax against RTL Nieuws is not fair and strange, also because of the large differences between municipalities: โ€œThere are municipalities where you do not pay anything, but in Groningen you pay 130 euros.โ€

According to RTL, PVV, SP, Party for Animals, Forum for Democracy, JA21, the Van Haga Group and Bij1 also want the tax to be lifted in the long term. These parties together form a majority of parliament.