Makers of Grim Action Soulstice revealed gameplay

The Reply Game studio during gamescom 2021 unveiled its grim role-playing action film Soulstice. The new trailer dedicated the inseparable bond of two sisters, Briard and Lute. One of the girls was reborn into a chimera, and the second was sacrificed to bind the souls of the sisters, and became a ghost.

Both are voiced by Stephanie Justen, Molchuรฑa of Metal Gear Solid V. The players will not only explore a world full of mysteries and dangers and learn a complex battle system to combat evil enemies and by nightmarish bosses.

We will have to help the sisters gain their power and learn the history of their growing up. In addition to the trailer, IGN has posted a recording of Soulstice: within 14 minutes we can see travel, battles and story inserts with developer comments.

SoulStice is released in 2022 on RS, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series. More on Game On the last day of summer Ghostrunner will receive DLC and two free modes Build your heavenly city in Airborne Kingdom soon on consoles Fresh Dying Light& Show nbsp; 2 dedicated to combat system, parkour and weapons.