‘Malacia seems to have taken Feyenoord in choice for Man United bib number’

Tyrell Malacia will play at Manchester United with number 12. That seems to be a reference to his old club Feyenoord, where that number stands for The Legion.
As most football fans know, The Legion is known as the twelfth man at Feyenoord. For that reason, no player with number 12 can play at the Stadium Club. Malacia has just chosen number 12 at his new club.
Malacia was born and raised in Rotterdam and played at Feyenoord for a total of fourteen years. There is therefore a strong chance that Malacia deliberately chose number 12 at Man United, with his old club in mind. At Feyenoord, the left back played with number 5.
In addition, The Red Devils have even more number news: Bruno Fernandes will play with 8 on his back from next season. The Portuguese first played with 18, but Juan Matas departure allows him to change numbers.