Malcolm X killed by FBI and NYPD

Three daughters of the radical black civil rights activist Malcolm X murdered 56 years ago demand that new evidence be included in the investigation into their fathers death. That would show that the murder is the work of the FBI and the New York police NYPD.

At the heart of the demand is a letter written by black police officer Ray Wood on his deathbed, stating that he had been arrested as an undercover agent on behalf of the FBI and the NYPD guards of Malcolm X a few days before the assassination attempt. That would have paved the way for the three murderers.


The demand to reopen the case is backed by Woods family and well-known black human rights lawyer Ben Crump. Malcolm X was shot on 21 February 1965 by three members of the Nation of Islam, whose founder was Malcolm X. The three have been convicted of murder and have served their sentences.

The assassination attempt took place a week after Malcolm Xs house was bombed with an incendiary bomb. When Malcolm X had just started his speech to 400 listeners on February 21 in the Manhattans Auduban Ballroom, there was a struggling in the audience.

Malcoms other bodyguards tried to appease them, after which a black man ran at him with a gun and shot him in the chest, followed by two others who opened fire with guns. Bystanders managed to overpower one of the attackers.

Of the three, only the overpowered Talmadge Hayer confessed to the murder. Later, Hayer testified that some former members of a mosque in Newark, NJ, were involved in the murder. The then leader of the Nation of Islam, Louis Farrakhan, was also accused of being involved in the murder.


The year before Malcolm X had turned away from the Nation of Islam, among other things, because he was shocked by the adulterous relations that a leader, Elijah Muhammed, had with six young private secretaries and because of the threat of murder that Malcolm X of the Nation of Islam had received.

The reopening of the case was announced a few months ago by the Manhattan District Attorney. The case was brought by the Innocence Project, an organization that is defending people who have been wrongly convicted. In the case of Malcolm X, the organization is standing up for Muhammed Abdul Aziz and Khalil Islam, both of whom are allegedly imprisoned for 20 years for the murder.